Fashion & Textiles

Matija Čop

Matija ?op is a first-year graduate student of Fashion Design at the Faculty of Textile Design of the University in Zagreb. In his work he speaks the language of fashion with a strong conceptual and multidisciplinary background. The main theme of his work, which he deals with in various ways, is the question of identity.

The collection Object 12-1 applies authentic architectural techniques of montage which he then introduces into fashion language.




(pics http://www.loveandrobots.com/blog/2015/6/the-architects-of-fashion-designers-inspired-by-buildings)

I can relate to his work because when I was looking at putting shapes I found onto a person I have also used a lot of curves which covered and distorted the person's vision. I also like his use of layering and interesting materials that he has used to create these pieces.


Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake is a Japanese fashion designer who also uses architecture and technology as inspiration for his work. His clothing has a lot of dimension to it. The majority of his clothing done as part of the architectural show is made out of black and white colours which i could relate to as we have been doing our project using white paper.


(pic http://www.fashion156.com/collections/issey-miyake-paris-fashion-week-aw1112/)

His clothing on the picture above uses a lot of angular shapes that don't look like conventional skirts or tops. Rather than making normal clothing he uses shapes to creat a statement which was what I was trying to do in my project.


Chiharu Shiota



" Shiota's oeuvre contains various art performances and installations, in which she uses various everyday objects such as beds, windows, dresses, shoes and suitcases. She explores the relationships between past and present, living and dying, and memories of people implanted into objects. To these she adds intricate, web-like threads of black and red." (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiharu_Shiota)

Her work with thread relates to my group's attempt of connecting our everyday objects that showed our identities to each other. She also uses everyday objects which was what we have done in our work too. 


Winde Rienstra

Winde Rienstra?s work is situated at the boundaries of fashion, art and architecture. Rienstra?s fascination with spatial structures around the human body has led to a recurring play with three-dimensionality. Each of the resulting spatial designs is a new opportunity to allow the materials to shine like jewellery around the human body.


The geometrical shapes of her pieces not only mock the feeling of architecture and buildings but Rienstra also wanted to create pieces that allow people to show their strong yet invisible energy. Rienstra is successful with this because the sharp yet openness of each piece gives you a chance to use her pieces to enhance yourself and your natural curves. 




I love how she builds structures around the body to enhance it's certain characteristics and emphasise them. I would like to use that when exploring putting structures on the bodies not to fit them but to change how they are perceived.


Yohji Yamamoto

As part of my Fashion and Textiles project we looked at architectural shapes around us and put them onto people as clothes. Yohji Yamamoto has also used architecture as inspiration for his work, which i could link my ideas to. 


(pic http://inhalemag.com/yohji-yamamoto-exhibits-at-berlins-made/)

He used a lot of layers and round shapes to create this dress, which i have done too when exploring the ways to put my objects onto a model. His used of big shapes creates volume, and the scale of the turns of the fabric is very impressive. 


Issey Miyake




Inspired by my week of Fashion and Textiles I went to the London Fashion Weekend and got to see a catwalk which consisted out of 4 trends: Punk, shades of marsala, retro and animal prints. Some of the designs i thought related to my work as the majority of them used very bright colours which i have done too in my collages. 

We have seen garments from See by Chloe, IRO, Joseph, McQ Alexander McQueen, Kenzo, House of Holland and many more.



I also used a lot of checkered pattern in my collages and it was one of my patterns which i had to come up with myself in one of the tasks.





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