Susan Hiller

Another piece that we were shown as part of our "subversion" project was the Measure by Measure by Susan Hiller. I was very dubious about this piece because it made me question what was the point of making art of you burn it after. Because to me if you make a piece you want it to be shown in all it's beauty. In this work she, on the other hand, chose to burn her work and put it in tubes, so for all that we know it could as well have been just blank paper.

I feel like this cannot be classified as art as much because all the efforts, if any, are just turned into waste, which in this example, for me at least, isn't a well made piece but an unfortunate left overs.

I feel like this represents a completely different side of "subversion" which i am not yet ready to use in my work.


Claes Oldenberg

Claes Oldenberg's work is very much the example of subversion. His pieces Soft Dormeyer Mixer and Soft Toilet are the proof for that. In these two pieces he took the essence of an object and made it out of a different material therefore ruining it's initial purpose. I really like this idea and think that i can use his work as support and inspiration for my current project.



The World Goes Pop


During my visit to Tate i also got to go to the World Goes Pop exhibition which was absolutely amazing. I have enjoyed every second of it and think that the collection of work in the exhibition was truly inspiring and just crazily good.

What I loved the most was the fact that a lot of work has looked at the political, military and cultural problems and has touched issues such as dictatorship, sexism, war, advertisement and many others. 

Every single room was unique and colourful, yet didn't distract your attention from the pieces themselves. starting from paintings going all the way to large installations, every single room had amazing and inspiring work in it.

My favourite pieces were a set of three images done by Erró which showed woman with guns towards a "perfect room". This piece is a juxtaposition of what a woman should be doing, putting make up on, and what women during the revolution were actually doing, fighting for their rights. I love this piece because it is a visual pun on what the society's ideas are about woman's role in life. For me, in this piece, Erró is laughing at these concepts.


I also really like the piece called Kill Fly by Marcello Nitsche, which is a papier-mache hand holding a fly swatter which is placed above your head. This piece directs the issue of dictatorship and was his way of speaking out against military regime. this piece struck me as very obvious and getting straight to the point. As soon as I saw it I knew what it was all about. Sometimes I think it's good for work to not have any secondary meanings because it makes it really powerful.


Wim Delvoye

Today in our class we were shown Wim Delvoye's work to get inspired from. His work of tattooing things on pigs really did not impress me. I really disliked the fact that not only did he used real animals in his work, but also tattooed something on them. In the world where people are fighting for not using animals in labs and medicine production it should definitely not be acceotable to enforce art onto pigs' bodies.


I think that "branding" pigs is a very cheap idea/trend. He also depicts things on them which shouldn't be there, like Disney characters and the last thing i would want is for a Disney Princess to be associated with a pig.


Alice Anderson

Today i have gone to Alice Anderson's exhibition Memory Movement Memory Objects in Wellcome Collection. 

I fel like i can relate her work to my Subversion project where i am using wire in order to re-create an object. In her exhibition Alice Anderson has taken different objects from our everyday and not so everyday life and covered them with wire in order to create them into memories. She used objects starting from very small scale like coins, to very large scale like bikes or even a canoe and a Mustang car. The visitors are also welcome to take part in the exhibition and wrap wire around certain objects.


My favourite objects were the speakers as she has wrapped them around with wire and turned them on so the music was still coming through. I thought it created a really interesting effect and made us actually realise that there are objects inside that we would use in our everyday life.



In one of the other rooms she combined certain objects to create different interesting structures/sculptures. I really enjoyed that room because it made me think about what art really is and can normal objects stuck together by wire be considered as artistic as a sculpture made our of clay. 

Overall i really enjoyed the exhibition and i think it has a great connection to my work.

Tate Modern (10/10/15)

Today I went to the Tate Modern to see the exhibitions that were on and I also went to see the World Goes Pop. I found a lot of pieces that i absolutely loved, but they were also a few that i didn't understand or wasn't very fond of.

One of the pieces which i saw and could really relate to my week in Fine Art was the Spacial Concept Waiting by Lucio Fontana. In this piece he slashed the canvas in the middle. He invites the viewer to look into the gap formed by the hash, but only to find that there is really nothing in there. In this piece Fontana teases the brain and glorifies the anarchic act of violence against nothingness. He challenges our principles of what art really is. I feel like this is very similar to what we have been doing in class by subverting the objects and making them into art, therefore expanding boundaries of what art really is all about. 

I have spent some time standing in front of this piece and thinking about how Fontana really is playing with our thoughts and ideas. It made me think to myself whether or not i would consider this as art and if i think it should be put up in the gallery, or this piece has just been given a meaning it didn't intend to have. I didn't come to a conclusion because everything in art is fairly subjective, and to a certain extent i would agree that this is a piece of art since it had had an effect on me.


Another painting which i really enjoyed, which also made me question whether i think it is art or not, was the Condensation Cube by Hans Haacke. In this piece he took a glass cube and poured some water into it, and judging by the place where it was in, the water inside the cube would react to the environment in a different way. Therefore the work's appearance depends upon the environment in which it is placed. I really like the idea that nature in a way is creating art within the man made world. I think this piece also questions what art really is all about


I also saw work by Richard Hamilton and his work concerning the psychological stereotype of women being associated with cars. In one of the pieces he only depicts certain parts ow the woman's body, like her lips and her silhouette, and leaves everything else blank. I really enjoyed this painting as it touched the topic of advertisement and women being used to sell things for men



07 September 2017, 20:21


07 September 2017, 20:21


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